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Women Warriors Project

Metastatic Breast Cancer is a tough topic, especially for the women who must deal with it—most of whom are given a 35% chance to survive beyond five years. That’s why public awareness is so important -- to encourage more research and to help the women navigating the complex treatment protocols.

About Us – The Herstory

JACQUELINE RUDOLPH is an activist artist in Santa Fe, NM who paints, sculpts, and designs clothing such as the “Warrior” jacket worn by Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham.

DR. ANNA VOLTURA, MD is a renowned breast surgeon, a fellowship Trained Breast Surgical Oncologist from John Hopkins and the University of New Mexico. When Dr. Voltura opened her medical office in Santa Fe, Jacqueline painted a series of portraits of iconic women celebrities who have experienced or are fighting the plight of breast cancer to decorate the waiting room and clinical exam rooms. She named the series “Women Warriors”.

AVA STERN, serial entrepreneur and business consultant, saw Jacqueline’s “Women Warriors” paintings at Dr. Voltura’s office opening and found them so inspiring that in 2020 she formed a company named Artemis Enterprises Inc. to place them in breast cancer clinics and cancer centers all over the country. These three women then formed the HER2 Foundation to raise awareness of metastatic breast cancer and provide trained Navigators to help patients through the complex system of treatment protocol.

JOYCE BOGOSIAN, businesswoman and healthcare executive joined the company in 2023.

WOMEN WARRIORS is the first of an ongoing series of impressionist portraits of iconic women who have experienced or are fighting the plight of breast cancer. Each of these portraits is accompanied by a personal quote from the subject of the painting herself. These paintings are unique not only in the artistic style that makes them gleam off the walls, but because they are inspirational to every patient who sees them. The goal is to exhibit this series in cancer centers, clinics and foundations around the country and sell the giclee’s of the original portraits. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to the HER2 Foundation.

Patient Navigation

Is a process by which a trained “Navigator” guides a patient from the point of a screening mammogram through to diagnosis of breast cancer and its treatment plan protocol, identifying and removing barriers to care along the way. Patient navigators also work with patients’ families and caregivers. This can be one individual or a team of people working together to perform this function.

How You Can Help

Get Involved: Donate · Host · Purchase

We are inviting select participants to join us in several possible opportunities.

  1. Donate to HER2 Foundation to initiate the Patient Navigation Program.
  2. Host an Exhibit for the Women Warriors Project, make introductions, participate in activist fashion and merchandise joint ventures.
  3. Cancer Centers, clinics, and foundations can purchase the Women Warriors painting series for their facilities.

To view the WOMEN WARRIORS painting series, visit JACQUELINERUDOLPH.COM.

Contact the Foundation

For inquires and more information contact:

Ava Stern, CEO, Artemis Enterprises Inc. & Director of HER2 Foundation

Joyce Bogosian, Sr. VP of Artemis Enterprises Inc. & Director of HER2 Foundation